How Our Quick And Easy System Works

After years of serving thousands of valued customers, we found that most of them preferred to email their questions to us as opposed to calling us. They also were hesitant to place an order online because they had questions about the services they needed. The essence of this website is to combine both of those notions: To allow our customers to contact us via email or a login portal and provide us with enough detail for us to put together a proposal and related questions such as passport validity, and offer them several price options to choose from. Then we can prepare their orders based on travelers information we have on our secured server and send back to the customer for payment. That way they get immediate solutions provided to them with options and they can then check out whenever they want to.

Our backend system stays in touch with you to make sure your order is properly placed to avoid delays in departure times. As well, they can login and find Status on current orders or look at previous orders and ask questions on the spot.

Expedited Renewal Passport

Our Four-Step Process:

Renewal Passport Service

Answer a few very short questions to allow us to respond with a succinct proposal to your request.


Next, we’ll provide you the exact requirements necessary for your request, specific to the time frame allowed on your order.

Urgent Passport Renewal
passport expediting service

Once you’ve got the details, makes your choice on our proposed solutions and proceed to complete your order.


Once you’ve placed your order, we’ll respond immediately to provide the necessary instruction for your order.

Passport Renewal Online

The system response will also automatically issue and provide the you with a pre-paid FedEx air bill or bill of lading for you to use to ship their documents to us, which is forwardable to other email recipients in the event the information needs to be forwarded.

Passport Renewal Advantage

Other Advantages of our System

Secure SSL encrypted environment. For those users unfamiliar with what that means it mean when you go to an encrypted website like ours, all communication between you and the website is now encrypted, and therefor if there is someone tapping your internet connection, trying to get your credit card number or bank information, he/she can only see gibberish.

Maintain Travelers Information Profiles Enabling user to keep track of all services and data we are keeping protected such as (passport information) is available for use in our system. So, once we know when your traveler’s passport is issued, we keep track of the expiration date and estimated use to remind you that the passport needs renewing or may be running out of pages. Remember this information is just basic and skeletal and only allows us to keep track of current or previous orders. We guarantee you we will never allow your information to be viewed or released or sold to any 3rd party. Over the course of time this information if not reused falls out of our system; this could be important if you have had a traveler’s who no longer uses your services or works for your company.

Check order Status Each time your order transacts a step in our order process we notify you. So, we notify you when you place an order; we notify you when FedEx has shipped us your order; we notify you when we receive your order etc. Its easy and at your fingertips to see the status on any order.

Check Cross Border Entry Requirements such as Entry Requirements and Border Restrictions.

Check Travel Advisories for Countries or Regions considered dangerous by the US State Department and report the details of those risks.

Start your expedited passport application now.

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