Our company was formed in 1981 just a few years after FedEx began revolutionizing small package services in the USA. Prior to this time, mail was slow and so was processing of International Documents such as Passports and Visas. Just like FedEx we have grown with our market, and each year we have met the demands of our customer’s needs and continue to do so. Currently we can do US Passports in 24 hours and can do similar exceptional services with Visas for entry into foreign Countries.

Due to our national Geography, over the years we have been forced to seek out and find relationships and information which would allow us an edge in our marketplace. For example: We can do Russian visas quicker and with less hassle than any of our competition. We do the same with Chinese visas, etc.

We also are one of the few Passport and Visa Expeditors which are Recognized and Registered with 4 Federal Agencies including the US State Department and Homeland Security. All our approved passport requests are issued in 24 hours of when they are given to the State Department for issuance. We are the experts, knowing the travel document requirements for every country on the globe. Our headquarters is in Dallas, TX with professional service representatives across the nation.

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We are a State Department Certified Courier that has been expediting passports for over 38 years now. We have earned our reputation as a solid reputable company with an A+ BBB Rating.

We are Honest in our business dealings and consequently we have been authorized or registered to represent you by many foreign countries. The US State Department is one of these governments. Our team of knowledgeable professionals will streamline the process to make it easy and quick to obtain your U.S. passport. All your sensitive documents are handled with the utmost of concern and confidentiality.


  • Fully Registered and in compliance with the United States Department of States.
  • Fast. Your Passport is issued in 24 hours guaranteed.
  • Safe, Secure. Feel secure knowing that your documents are being handled safely and personally.
  • Best Prices. Starting at $79.
  • We save you money on FedEx shipping.


Since 1981, RJR Passports has served Individual travelers, Travel Agents and Corporate Admins, assisting them in expediting passports and visas, as well as offering visa support for countries like Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia and for many other countries.

Our Specialty is our knowledge and expertise; offering Solutions to the endless mix of potential problems which arise daily in our industry. We strive to provide greater customer service, and to maintain long satisfying relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves in making every effort to know the needs of our Customers in an ever-changing world of international documents.

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